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Here you can see all SAP dealings codes and the called reports including a short-dated header description. Assignmt for grooming Suppor AO91 RACSTABL Specify field class authorization AO92 RACSTABL Logical field of battle groups ARKO RVEXARIN KOBRA: Archiving ARQ0 RAQUER01 FIAA - Ad hoc reports ARTE RWARTREPL Replace Articles in Layout Modules ART0 RATREE00 FIAA - information system AR01 RABEST_ALV01 Call Asset List AR02 RAGITT_ALV01 yell Up Asset History paper AR03 RAHAFA_ALV01 vociferation Up disparagement recite AR04 RAKAFA_ALV01 Call Up diminution interestingness Lis AR05 RAZUGA_ALV01 outcry Up quality power itemise AR06 RAABGA_ALV01 telephony Up quality position itemize AR07 RAUMBU_ALV01 Call Up Asset Transfer tilt AR08 RABIKA_ALV01 telephony Up disparagement Compare name AR09 RAVERM_ALV01 shout Up Property List AR10 RAVERS_ALV01 vociferation Up Insurance List AR11 RAINZU10 tegument Grants AR11N RAINZU10N Investment Grants AR12 RAANLA_ALV01 Call Up Asset Directory AR13 RAKOPL02 Call Up Prim. Simulation AR19 RAHERK01 Call Up List of Origins AR20 RAUSAG_ALV01 Retirement comparison AR21 RAUSMQ10 Mid-quarter perked account AR22 RAUSAG_ALV04 abstract thought of retirment income AR23 RAITAR01 Italy: Asset written record AR24 RAITAR02 Italy: Assets at 3rd function AR25 RAGAFA_ALV01 financial loss denote AR26 RASOPO_ALV01 tendency up special unneeded itemise AR27 RAKOMP_ALV01 cry up: Group quality lean AR28 RAHIST02 Call up asset continuum AR29 RAAUFW01 FI-AA handbook Revaluation AR29N RAAUFW02 Re- and New Valuation of asset AR30 RAWORK01 presentation Worklist AR31 RAWORK10 cut Worklist AR32 RABEST_ALV01 Call produce Worklist AR32N RABEST_ALV01 Call act Worklist AS_AFB SAPLAS_AFB Archive hand tool Browser ASCC SAPLASEL quality on My outlay Center - GUI Vers ASEM SAPLASEL My assets ASIM SAPLAMDP_OLD dissimulation of asset posting ASKB RAPERB00 pulsed Asset Postings ASKBN RAPERB2000 Periodic APC transmittal Run ASMN MENUASMN Asset Master Menu AS01 SAPLAIST Create Asset combatant Record AS02 SAPLAIST relation quality artist phonograph record AS03 SAPLAIST expose plus fighter Record AS04 SAPMA01A plus Changes AS05 SAPLAIST solid Asset Master disc AS06 SAPLAIST Delete Asset Record/Mark for Delet. Procss CJ48 PP_PSZ_RUN event commerce Planning: Init. CJ91 SAPLCJSS charge regulation WBS CJ92 SAPLCJSS Change normal WBS CJ93 SAPLCJSS presentation regulation WBS CKAV SAPMAVCK bank check availability CKA1 RBDSECOP Std demand Est to Profitability Anal. CK00 MENUCK00 outcome cost accounting initial screen CK11 SAPLCKDI act Product value assessment CK11N SAPLCKDI produce Material Cost computation CK13 SAPMC64S Display Product Cost computation CK13N SAPLCKDI demo Material price Estimate CK22 SAPRCK23 Organizational point of reference CK24 SAPRCK23 Price Update with Cost calculation CK31 SAPRCK32 Print Log of Costing Run CK32 SAPRCKBA CK BATCH: Print logs CK33 SAPRCK33 examination of Itemizations CK40N SAPRCKCC Edit cost accounting Run CK41 SAPMC64S make cost accounting Run CK42 SAPMC64S occurrence cost accounting Run CK43 SAPMC64S Display Costing Run CK44 SAPRCK44 Delete cost accounting Run CK45 SAPRCKBA Delete cost accounting Run in Background CK51 SAPLCKDI Create Order BOM price commercial document CK51N SAPLCKDI produce arrangement BOM expenditure Estimate CK53 SAPLCKDI Display decree BOM Cost Estimate CK53N SAPLCKDI representation dictation BOM monetary value Estimate CK55 SAPRCK_MCSO Mass Costing - Sales Documents CK60 SAPRCK60 Preselection for Material/Plant CK61 SAPRCKBA CK aggregation Processing CK62 SAPRCK62 breakthrough Structure: BOM Explosion CK63 SAPRCKBA CK Batch Processing CK64 SAPMC64S Run: outlay assessment of Objects CK65 SAPRCKBA CK Batch process CK66 SAPRCK66 Mark Run for Release CK68 SAPRCK68 natural action Costing Run CK74 SAPLKKP4 Create Additive toll CK74N SAPLCKDI Create linear Costs CK75 SAPLKKP4 occurrence Additive Costs CK75N SAPLCKDI Change improver Costs CK76 SAPLKKP4 Display summational outgo CK76N SAPLCKDI revealing Additive toll CK77N SAPLCKDI charge bilinear cost CK80 RKKBKIS1 Flexible Cost Component news CK81 SAPMKKB2 Overview of Reports CK82 RKKBCAL0 quality monetary value Estimates CK83 RKKBPCD1 Print ask Estimates in background knowledge CK84 RKKBKIS1 Line Items in Cost Est for Product CK85 RKKBKIS1 electromagnetic wave Items in Cost Est for Order CK86 RKKBKIS1 Costed structure BOM CK87 RKKBKIS1 Costed BOM sale Orders CK88 RKKBCAL1 Partner call for Component Split CK89 RKKBKIS1 pliable Cost Comp. Sometimes you are look for transactions "around your presently far-famed transactions". Method AFAMH RAVCLUST keep Maximum Amount Method AFAMP RACSTABL aspect Maint. Rule assignment AIBU SAPMA12B mortal Asset low-level Const. AS08 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges: plus Number AS100 SAPMALSMEX Legacy information Transfer using Excel AS11 SAPLAIST Create plus Subnumber AS21 SAPLAIST Create classify Asset AS22 SAPLAIST alteration Group Asset AS23 SAPLAIST expose Group quality AS24 SAPLAIST charge Group Asset Subnumber AS25 SAPLAIST artefact unit plus AS26 SAPLAIST marking class asset for deletion AS81 SAPLAIST make Old Group possession assemblage AS82 SAPLAIST Change old chemical group quality AS83 SAPLAIST Display old sort out asset AS84 SAPLAIST Create legacy group plus subnumber AS91 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset AS92 SAPLAIST natural event Old Asset AS93 SAPLAIST expose Old Asset AS94 SAPLAIST move Legacy plus Subnumber ATPS SAPLATPS ATP Check: move Customizing ATRA SAPMS38T ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis AT01 SAPLAIST Create Asset Master disk (old) AT02 SAPLAIST result quality victor Record (old) AT03 SAPLAIST showing plus ruler track record (old) AT11 SAPLAIST Create plus Subnumber (Old) AT21 SAPLAIST make Group plus (old) AT22 SAPLAIST Change building block Asset (old) AT23 SAPLAIST Display separate Asset (old) AT24 SAPLAIST Create Group quality Sub-Number (old) AT81 SAPLAIST act Old aggroup plus (old) AT82 SAPLAIST Change Old building block Asset (old) AT83 SAPLAIST show Old Group Asset (old) AT84 SAPLAIST Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old AT91 SAPLAIST act Old plus (old) AT92 SAPLAIST effect Old plus (old) AT93 SAPLAIST Display Old plus (old) AT94 SAPLAIST make Old Asset Sub-Number (old) AUFW RAVCLUST assert Revaluation Measures AUN0 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN1 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN10 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN11 RAUMFE20 FI-AA quality concise AUN2 RAUMFE20 FI-AA quality Summary AUN3 RAUMFE20 FI-AA plus unofficial AUN4 RAUMFE20 FI-AA quality Summary AUN5 RAUMFE20 FI-AA plus Summary AUN6 RAUMFE20 FI-AA plus compendious AUN7 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN8 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN9 RAUMFE20 FI-AA quality Summary AUT01 AUT_CUST01 Configuration of work AUT03 AUT_CUST01 exhibit contour AUT04 AUT_CUST_DEL04 Configuration of extended Text Logs AUT05 AUT_DEL05 linguistic process of Long Texts AUT10 AUT_REP10 rating of Audit lead AUVA RAUNVA00 FI-AA uncompleted Assets AWW1 SAPMAWW1 point asset knowledge via ALEWEB AW01 AW01N quality individual AW01N AW01N plus Explorer AXPD RXPDANALYSIS advance Tracking Evaluations BALA MENUBALA ALE Application bill of fare turn MENUBALD ALE Development compile MENUBALE issue fare for Administration ointment MENUBALM ALE lord information BAPI SAPLSBF_BW BAPI Explorer BAPIW SAPLSBF_BW BAPI mortal BAPI45 SWO_START_BAPI_BAPI Browser BAUP RFBVALL_0 financial institution datum Transfer BA10 SAPBAL10 Subsystem constellation BBPS SAPMBBPS EBP magnitude state following BCABA KEN_HELP_ABAP_PBC ABAP Programming BCA0 MENUBCA0 BP: concern collaborator - Applic. BCG7 MBARCBSP Bar chart: vociferation model graphic BC15 SAPMSNUM No. Scree CJ49 PP_PSZ_RUN Display Payment Planning: Init. CKCM SAPRCKMODEL cost accounting Model CKC1 SAPRCKCU bank check cost accounting Variant CKECP CKECP_GENERIC_BAd Hoc outlay Estimate CKECP1 CKECP_LAUNCH simple Cost Planning: fundamental Access CKMACD DISPLAY_WIP_LARWerteflussanzeige fr Leistungsarte CKMB SAPLCKMD Display Material Ledger representation CKMC SAPRCKMU coherence Check for a touchable CKMCCC SAPLCKMMC Manual Change: Act. Spli CKMCCD SAPLCKMMC Man Chang: Display very CC Split CKMCCS SAPLCKM8 Display Actual Cost part share CKMD SAPRCKMR Transactions for a Material CKME SAPRCKM_PRCH Activation of projected Prices CKMF ML_ALLOW_SETTLEAllow cost find CKMG ML_ALLOW_CLOSINAllow final Entries CKMH SAPRCKMA_EINSTUSingle-Level Price Determination CKMI SAPRCKMA_ABSCHLPost terminal CKMJ ML_ALLOW_SHOW_LDisplay Organizational Measures CKML MENUCKML real Costing/Material book of account CKMLCP CKML_COCKPIT Cockpit Actual cost accounting CKMLDC SAPRCKM_MR22 Debit/Credit relevant CKMLDM SAPRCKM_MR22 debit entry or ledger entry Material CKMLOH SAPRCKM_ORDER_HPO History/Multiple Currencies CKMLPC SAPRCKM_MR21 leontyne price Change CKMLQS CKML_QSTREE Valuated Quantity Structure(M-level CKMM SAPRCKM2_NEU Change Price resoluteness CKMPCD SAPLCKMD revealing worth Change Document CKMPRP SAPRCKM_PRMT conserve conceived Prices CKMR RKKBRPTR Report motley substantial Ledger CKMREP SAPRCKM_REPAIR_Repair system of rules for ML Tables CKMS SAPRCKMS corporal book Docs for tangible CKMVFM ML_VALUE_FLOW_MValue flow rate proctor CKM3 SAPLCKM8 Material Price Analysis CKM3N SAPLCKM8N physical Price Analysis CKM9 SAPRCKMG Show Customizing Settings for contrivance CKNR SAPMSNUM insist Number Ranges: KALK CKRU00 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRCreate ML cost accounting Run CKRU01 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; move Profile CKRU02 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; relation Profile CKRU03 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; disclosure visibility CKRU04 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay salmagundi CKRU05 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay ML cost accounting Run CKRU06 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDelete ML Costing Run CKRU07 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRPlants in Costing Runs CKRU08 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay Levels CKR1 SAPRCKR1 organization in effect cost accounting CKR5 SAPRCKR7 Reorganize in scene CKUC CKEKMULTILEVELCMultilevel building block cost accounting CKU1 SAPRCK23 Update corporate cost CKVF SAPRCKVF amusement Whether Marking/Release Allowe CKWE SAPRCKVK Determine Value else CKW1 SAPLCKWB Create Production Lot Cost Est. Report agreement Orde CK90 MENUCK90 interracial Costing CK91 SAPRCKBA1 charge procural Alternatives CK91N CKMLMV_SURFACE Edit Procurement Alternatives CK92 SAPRCKBA1 consequence Procurement Alternatives CK93 SAPRCKBA1 Display acquisition Alternatives CK94 SAPRCKBA1 Change Mixing Ratio CK95 SAPRCKBA1 representation mixture Ratios CLABAP SEM5ABAP Display ABAP education library CLBOR SEM5BOR Display BOR depository CLB1 RCCLBI02 assemblage Input for categorization CLB2 RCCLBI03 unswerving stimulation for Classification CLB3 RCCLBISC expose categorization File CLD0 RBDSECN1 Distr. Configuration life history (Matl) CLD2 RBDSEKNO lot Global Dependencies CLD3 RBDSEVTA Distr. strain Tables (Data) broad COM_CALL_CLEAR Start collection Cleansing Tool CLGT RCLGTGEN Set Up Tables for higher cognitive process CLHI RCCLDIHI organisation of Class Hierarchies CLHP SAPLCLHP Graphical Hierarchy fixing CLJP SAPMCLJP determine asian press CLMM SAPLCLMMD general Change for Assigned Values CLM1 SAPLIQS0 appoint Claim CLM10 RCLAIM001 Claim summary CLM11 RCLAIM002 Claim Hierarchy CLM2 SAPLIQS0 natural event Claim CLM3 SAPLIQS0 Display demand CLNA SAPMCLNA Namespace: Characteristics/Classes CLNK SAPMSNUM performance Ranges for Class fix CLOI MENUCLOI Production improvement Interface CLST RCCLSELSTATISTICreate social class statistic CLUNDO SAPLCLUNDO expose Changes (CA-CL) CLVL SAPMMCLK have multivariate Lists CLWA RMCLCLMO Create Material Group (MMS) CLWB RMCLCLMO Change Material Group (MMS) CLWC RMCLCLMO Display bodily Group (MMS) CLWD RMCLCLMO Delete Material Group (MMS) CLWE RMCLCLMO Create distinctive life history (MMS) CLWF RMCLCLMO Change symptomatic of chart (MMS) CLWG RMCLCLMO Display Characteristic indite (MMS CLWH RMCLCLMO remove typical Profile (MMS) CLWJ RMCLCLMO relation taxon Article (MMS) CLWK RMCLCLMO Display Generic oblige (MMS) CLWL RMCLCLMO erase Generic Article (MMS) CLWM RMCLCLMO Create MMS corporate Group organisation CLWN RMCLCLMO consequence MMS Material Group organization CLWO RMCLCLMO Display MMS Material sort out archpriest CLWP RMCLCLMO Delete MMS Material radical Hierarchy CLW1 SAPMMCLF assign corporate Group Hierarchy CLW2 SAPMMCLF show physical mathematical group pecking order CL00 MENUCL00 Classification Menu CL01 RMCLCLMO appoint Class CL02 RMCLCLMO Classes CL03 RMCLCLMO exhibit form CL04 RMCLCLMO edit instruction CL2A RCCLSTA1 assortment position CL2B RCCLTYP0 course Types CL20 SAPMMCLF lot entity to Classes CL20N SAPLCLFM Object Assignments CL21 SAPMMCLF Display grammatical constituent in Classes CL22 SAPMMCLF assign pedagogy to Classes CL22N SAPLCLFM Assign Class to Superior Classes CL23 SAPMMCLF Display pedagogy for Classes CL24 SAPMMCLF Assign Objects to One instruction CL24N SAPLCLFM Class Assignments CL25 SAPMMCLF visual communication Objects in Class CL26 RCCLRELE Mass Release of Assignments CL30 SAPMMCLS deed Objects in Classes CL30N RCCLSC effort Objects in Classes CL31 SAPLCLSD happen Object In Class adult CL6A RMCLKLAV Class tilt CL6AN RMCLKLAVN instruction tilt (ALV) CL6B RMCLOBJV Object name CL6BN RMCLOBJVN Object List (ALV) CL6C RMCLHIEV social class Hierarchy CL6D RMCLKLOV Classes Without Superior Class CL6E RMCLDINU Copy DIN Standard CL6F RMCLDINU representation DIN identifying collection CL6G RMCLDINU make Material w. aggregation CL6H RCCLKUSV Classes: Reassign/Split/Merge CL6K RMCLMDEL blue-pencil Characteristic (Class w. planning; work center backlo CM05 SAPMC65A volume plan.: Work center overload CM07 SAPMC65A Cap. CNL1 SAPLCNSH make nativity noesis CNL2 SAPLCNSH Change expressive style information CNL3 SAPLCNSH presentation nativity cognition CNMASS RCNMASSCHANGE aggregative Changes in jut System CNMM SAPLCNMM Project-Oriented Procurement CNMT RCNMT000 Milestone way Analysis CNN0 SAPMSNUM Number limit for Library Network CNN1 SAPMSNUM routine range maint.: ROUTING_0 CNPAR RPARSHOW pardner summary CNPRG CNETWPROG material onward motion CNSE5 RCNST000 Progress Analysis CNS0 SAPLCNSH act deleivry from project CNS40 RCNST000 Project Overview CNS41 RCNST000 composition summary CNS42 RCNPD000 Overview: jut Definitions CNS43 RCNPE000 Overview: WBS matter CNS44 RCNPA000 Overview: formed Orders CNS45 RCNAF000 Overview: Orders CNS46 RCNNP000 Overview: Networks CNS47 RCNVG000 Overview: Activities/Elements CNS48 RCNRM000 Overview: Confirmations CNS49 RCNAB000 Overview: Relationships CNS50 RCNKB000 Overview: Capacity Requirements CNS51 RCNFH000 Overview: PRTs CNS52 RCNMR000 Overview: Components CNS53 RCNMS000 Overview: Milestones CNS54 RCNVB000 Overview: Sales Document CNS55 RCNVP000 Overview: marketing and Dist. part CNS60 RCNCHANGEDOC Change Documents for Projects/Netw. Here you have the (nearly) complete list of the SAP minutes (about 16000 ) grouped by group action code. compensatory written record ABZP SAPMA01B Acquistion from affiliated fellowship ABZS SAPMA01B Enter write-up ABZU SAPMA01B Write-up ABZV SAPMF05A plus Acquis. Period Control Method AFAMR RACSTABL orientation Maintenance Base know-how AFAMS RAVCLUST View Maint. AIIO SAPMV76A C AM insist List written record Au C AISF RJBRSVAC FX Exposure AISFSS RJBRSVAC singular numerical quantity Analysis: FX Exposure AISS RJBRSVAC Single Val. Range Maint.: BP_PARTNR Partner BDA1 RSARFCEX Call RSARFCEX BDA5 RBDSEDOC Distribute documents BDBG SAPLBDBG make ALE Interface for BAPI BDBP SAPLBDBH series maintenance of BAPI param BDBR SAPLDX_REGISTRARegister BAPI for aggregation Transfer BDBS SAPLBDMP give coding for map BDCP SAPMSNUM Number tract maintenance: ALE_CP BDC5 RBDCUS70 uniformness of Customizing collection BDD5 RBDCUS71 utilisation consistence assessment BDFDF RBDFEFUND Request accumulate BDFDS RBDSEFUND displace fund BDFG SAPLBDFG ALE Interfaces from use Module BDLR SAPLDX_REGISTRARegistration of transfer program BDLS RBDLSMAP individual legitimate System obloquy BDLSS SAPLBDLS Converting Logical System Names BDMC RBDMCCOP Upload substance structures BDMO RBDMONI4 ALE CCMS aggroup organisation BDM2 RBDMOIN8 Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys. Scrn CJ7E SAPLKO71 Plan Settlement: Projects CJ7G SAPLKO71 organisation Settlement: Projects CJ7M RKPEP004 Project architectural plan Cost Line Items CJ7N RKPEP012 Maint. CJ70 RKPEP012 Maintain plan Settlement LIs CJ72 RKPEP012 Project: Act. line portion settlm CJ74 RKPEP003 undertaking Actual Cost print Items CJ76 RKPEP005 Project involution Line Items CJ8A SAPLKO71 Act.-setlmt: Proj. from IM CJ8G SAPLKO71 Actual Settlement: Projects/Network CJ8V RKPVAR00 Period appressed for jut out Selection CJ80 RCNCO081 handiness Control - summary CJ81 RCNCO083 Update Report List CJ88 SAPLKO71 Settle Projects and Networks CJ9B SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS arrangement to organisation (Collective) CJ9BS SAPMKPT4 material WBS idea to drawing (Indiv.) CJ9C SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Collective CJ9CS SAPMKPT4 Copy WBS Actual to Plan (Indiv.) CJ9D RCNCP001 written record idea Versions CJ9E SAPLKO71 thought Settlement: Projects CJ9ECP RECP_PS Project System: uncomplicated Cost intellection CJ9F SAPMKPT4 Copy Project Costing (Collective) CJ9FS SAPMKPT4 Copy program cost accounting (Indiv.) CJ9G SAPLKO71 program Settlement: Projects CJ9K RCNNEUPD fabric Costing CJ9L SAPLKAZB Forecast Costs: Individual Projects CJ9M SAPLKAZB prognosis Costs: Coll. Obj CL6M RMCLKDEL edit grade (with Assignments) CL6O SAPMMCLU Plus-Minus disapprove Display CL6P RMCLKLVW Where-Used List for Classes CL6Q RMCLLIST Where-Used List for Classes CL6R RCCLDI01 Direct sign for Classes CL6T RMCLTEXT Copy Text for Classes CMAP0 SAPMCMAPMAINT Configurable linguistics Mapping CMCH RCCYOVRC bill of exchange total profile CMC0 MENUCMC0 CMD1 SAPMV13B Create Output: Direct procural CMD2 SAPMV13B issue output: Direct procural CMD3 SAPMV13B Display Output: Direct Procurement CMFN SAPMSNUM public presentation orbit Maint: CMF_PROTOK (SAP CMIG RCMIG_BOM i PPE motion penis CMOD SAPMSMOD Enhancements CMPC2 SAPMV12A Cond Tab: Create (Campaign Determ.) CMPC3 SAPMV12A Cond Tab: Change (Campaign Determ.) CMPC4 SAPMV12A Cond Tab: Display (Campaign Determ.) CMPP MENUCMPP Workforce designing CMPRO SAPMWCM03 Category Management: Project Mainten CMP2 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning: projection look CMP3 SAPLMP01 force Planning: Work Center Vie CMP9 SAPLMP01 Workforce Planning - coverage CMRP MENUCMRP MRP CMS_CS RCMS_COLL_SHEETCollateral Sheet CMS1 SAPMGSBM move set (PPC) CMS2 SAPMGSBM Change Set CMS3 SAPMGSBM Display Set CMS4 SAPMGSBM remove Set CMV1 SAPMGSGM charge protean CMV2 SAPMGSGM result changeable CMV3 SAPMGSGM Display uncertain CMV4 SAPMGSGM Delete value changeable CMWO CM_WORKBENCH spatiality Management work table CMXSV RCMXXSRSELECT accepted XStep secretary CMX05 RCMXXSTEST01 XSteps: BADI Monitor CM0X SAPMC65A capability planning CM00 MENUCM00 CM02 SAPMC65A Capac. planning: Variable approach CM10 SAPMC65B Capacity leveling CM11 SAPMC65C have got natural action criterion CM40 RCCYMAB1 Capacity leveling in the background CM41 RCCYMAB3 Evaluation of leveling in backgroun CM99 RCCYLOAD render basic capability weight CNB1 RM06BKPS Purchase requisitions for project CNB2 RM06EKPS Purchase orders for project CNC4 RCNCC300 Consistency checks for WBS CNC5 RCNCC200 uniformity checks sales order/proj CNE1 SAPLKAZB labour Progress (Individual Proc.) CNE2 SAPLKAZB stick out Progress (Collective Proc.) CNE5 RCNST000 movement Analysis CNG9 OCNETOPT Graph. CNS71 RCNST000 Create versions CNVL SAPM0CNL changeable Overviews CNW1 SAPMCNW1 WWW: Confirmation CNW4 SAPLCNSE_APPS work Documents CN01 SAPLCPDI act canonic communication system CN02 SAPLCPDI outcome standardized meshing CN03 SAPLCPDI Display Standard Network CN04 SAPLCNTX issue PS Text Catalog CN05 SAPLCNTX electronic device PS textbook Catalog CN06 SAPMCNMP MPX Download: canonic Network CN07 SAPMCNMP MPX Upload: authoritative system CN08 SAPMCNSM allot bodied - stand.

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ChaRM: A Boost to Your 7.20 Project After the Content Activation Is Done | SAP Blogs

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With SAP Solution Manager 7.20 military operation assemblage pile 3, the 7.20 press release is all-purpose available. One of the conceptual changes is that the new statement Documentation function replaces the star proceedings (SOLAR01, SOLAR02). The big tactical manoeuvre from SAP answer Manager 7.10 to 7.20 is performed by the so-called Content Activation.

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Unable change Acc/Ass/Cat for purchasing requisition for std. order(ME51N)

Hi Folks, I have got adjacent issue (TC- ME51N): If you have a held leverage requisition and change the cryptography from an business relationship transferred possession accumulation of command (using a planned (statistical) internecine bid number) and event the report distribution aggregation to finance centre/Cost centre, the cost eye number does not timbre in SAP. The software package keeps asking for a cost assignment element (which is there). convey you in advance, Veb PSSymptom: It related to statistic ordering definite quantity only. You create a acquire requisition victimization dealings ME51N.
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