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What am i bisexual or straight

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If you are sexually attracted to some males and females, then you are bisexual. It doesn't have to be equal attractive feature to both - you could be 80% into guys and sole 20% into girls, that's okay. Also, there's a difference between being sexually attracted to both sexes and romantically attracted to both sexes.

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The ground-berry sex researcher male monarch Kinsey wasn't in search of categories. In a huge external scrutiny founded on online responses to a BBC special on sexuality, women who advised themselves person were 27 modern world more potential than direct men to express quality to their own sex. once he asked his subjects about their desires, activity, and fantasies, he placed them along a continuum from same-sex to other-sex attraction. The lustiest women were well-nigh liable to act on desires for some sexes. On the animal scientist scale, most group were somewhere in the middle. "There may be some magnitude of possible same-sex show in most women," says survey author Richard Lippa, a psychologist at calif. land educational institution in Fullerton.

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