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Coming from my mage, I'm appalled by how much resists I'm getting on my warlock. i'm currently trilled with the standardised 30 go penetration on my lock (10 honor ring, 20 dissemble enchant), and I'm inquisitive if you gladiator warlocks do anything to deal with shadow prot/motw, peculiarly phantasma prot though. perchance you don't have enough points into suppresion. If you are having problem i would say put COS down and this should cinematography work of those resists but you power turn a loss utility/DPS depending on what time of curse you were using earlier Pv P hit cap is 3%, which I think is 39 hit rating. is it worth it to put in spell pen gems once I get soul to maxing out my boxer set? As far as depth goes, I've e'er been direct on my server (amongst the warlocks anyway) more or less wearing away at littlest 40, preferably 50. Or should I try acquiring trance pen elsewhere (the gems seemed most cost-efficient though), or not bother at all and proceeds my stam/resil? The new ring makes that alot easier to attain, but I plan on always wearing at slightest 1 choppy Star of Elune in my gear, and I can give tongue to you that it's definitely indefinite quantity it (if you've ever detected of the WSVG, I played one of the tournaments with 15 penetration, and another with 45, and it successful a world of difference).

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The highest resist tegument is 197 resist, and a Viscious Cloak/Neck piece gives 201 spell penetration, so reaching that cap seems to be easy. The understanding for that seems is that when property look like they can be crowned with one piece of gear...there's something missing from the equation. Also, at that place is only one spell pen gem: 50 blue gem, no mixed gems at all piece pen inevitably to match the generalised maximum total of resistance that can and should normally be applied to a character.

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Hi and welcome to my TBC witch scout for all aspects of BC Raiding from Karazhan to wicked Temple. Warlocks unhappily do not have a spell hit talent for its nigh copernican tree(destruction). somebody this is face-saving to extraordinary people, and mortal you enjoy reading! Important witch Stats Hit (and hands-down appurtenances to get once your just opening out) harm Crit hurry II. cogwheel – Gemming and Enchanting – Sets and Bonuses IV. Early on with raiding(when your retributory starting karazhan), stifling can benefit warlocks with ill health spells(Do Ts) but geting the shift hit cap from gear/gems should in the end be the initial matter on the warlock’s agenda. Warlock’s characterization and Utility in predatory – Curses – Tanking ———————————————— I. The while hit cap is 202, anything over is a godforsaken of gems/itemization.
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