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Coming from my mage, I'm aghast by how much resists I'm feat on my warlock. i'm presently rolling with the stock 30 turn penetration on my ringlet (10 honor ring, 20 disguise enchant), and I'm wondering if you boxer warlocks do thing to deal with shadow prot/motw, specially shadow prot though. maybe you don't feature plenty points into suppresion. If you are having trouble i would say put COS thrown and this should occupy tending of those resists but you mightiness lose utility/DPS depending on what example of curse word you were victimization ahead Pv P hit cap is 3%, which I accept is 39 hit rating. is it worth it to put in spell pen gems once I get closer to maxing out my gladiator set? As far as Penetration goes, I've always been outspoken on my server (amongst the warlocks anyway) approximately wearying at to the lowest degree 40, preferably 50. Or should I try deed trance pen elsewhere (the gems seemed nigh businesslike though), or not fuss at all and take my stam/resil? The new ring makes that alot easier to attain, but I plan on forever tiring at smallest 1 fierce celestial body of Elune in my gear, and I can express you that it's definitely valuable it (if you've ever heard of the WSVG, I compete one of the tournaments with 15 penetration, and another with 45, and it made a world of difference).

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The advanced resist buff is 197 resist, and a Viscious Cloak/Neck piece gives 201 mental state penetration, so reaching that cap seems to be easy. The reason for that seems is that when things visage look-alike they can be capped with one piece of gear...there's thing missing from the equation. Also, in that location is only one spell pen gem: 50 blue gem, no assorted gems at all Spell pen necessarily to match the generalized maximum amount of resistance that can and should normally be applied to a character.

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TBC Warlock Guide (1-70) – Legacy WoW – Addons and Guides for Vanilla, TBC and WoTLK

Hi and welcome to my TBC Warlock Guide for all aspects of BC Raiding from Karazhan to Black Temple. Warlocks sadly do not have got a psychological state hit natural ability for its about important tree(destruction). Hope this is instrumental to some people, and hope you enjoy reading! burning witch Stats Hit (and painless gear to get once your evenhanded starting out) Damage Crit Haste II. Gear – Gemming and Enchanting – Sets and Bonuses IV. first on with raiding(when your honourable starting karazhan), curtailment can benefit warlocks with affliction spells(Do Ts) but geting the spell hit cap from gear/gems should ultimately be the archetypal abstraction on the warlock’s agenda. Warlock’s Role and Utility in marauding – Curses – Tanking ———————————————— I. The spell hit cap is 202, anything over is a waste of gems/itemization.
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